Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Wow I have been so MIA lately! Not on purpose of course, I've just been busy enjoying my summer! There is no possible way I can tell you exactly what I have been doing so far. Well I could but now wouldn't that be boring. So instead, I'll post some pictures! 
Is that a pole? Yes it is, I have been taking pole dancing classes. Don't knock it until you try it, I have some amazing upper body strength and some pretty nice abs because of it. And spinning around the pole is one of the most amazing feelings ever; its a real sense of accomplishment. 

 Sitting by the pool and wearing cute protective hairstyles. This was the beginning of summer, still spring actually. White pants? Yes, be sure to wear the right undies! 

 Eating Elevation Burger! Apparently everything is 100% organic and the fries are cooked in olive oil. Its probably one of the best burgers I've ever had; almost as good as In 'N Out. 

Hanging out in the city. That's always fun right? Check out my Tribal shorts; they were purchased from Charlotte Russe. I'll be doing a post on them pretty soon! 

Daisy Dukes, Bikini on top! Um sitting poolside on the first day of summer! It was about 100 degrees that day. So about those nice abs I was talking about. Yep these are the results of a six week pole dancing course. I can't imagine how I'll look once I'm a level 7 pole dancer.

And of course, giving my hair a break from the flat iron. Curly hair don't care baby! This is the result of a first day twist out. Also going easy on the makeup, just something neutral.

So that's pretty much what my spring/summer has consisted of SO FAR. Just really out on the town, taking a lot of time for myself. I also am applying to school this fall, just waiting for that acceptance letter. Its been pretty exciting, some dull moments but hey I can't complain.