Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Here are just a few Outfit of the Days that I've been meaning to upload. I've been pretty busy, but I'm still here!

So I'm definitely a leggings kinda girl. If you wanna see more OOTD's and details on them, let me know.
Until next time Diva's!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Curly Hair Adventures

So as you all know I go back and forth between wearing my hair curly and straight. Usually during the winter I keep my hair straight. That has worked best for me in the past, but this winter the weather has been extremely bi-polar. Earlier this week it was 70 degrees. That's normal in SoCal but in the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) not so much! I decided that I was going to wear my hair curly after another heatwave passed a few weeks ago. As I was deciding I came across a dilemma, I am pretty lost on how to style my hair when its curly. I usually just bun it or braid it out. As I was thinking about this when I was in Chelsi-World, my friend showed me a picture of this girl with the most amazing curly fro and I was just in love with her hair! Normally, I would stay away from big hair because yes, sometimes I care what others think. But at this point I am 1.) Tired of my straight hair and 2.) At a place in my life where I'm finding myself and I don't give a care what ANYONE thinks of me. So the research began the next day and I came across lots of YouTube videos that were actually very helpful. One stood out to me, because her texture is fairly close to mine and she got straight to the point in all of her videos. She also has a great mixture of shea butter and coconut oil that works miracles on my dry hair (mainly my ends.)  Also, her braiding out technique gives her the curly fro that I so desperately tried to stay away from and that I so desperately want now. MissAriella89 's videos have been a hair life saver!

Of course there was some trial and error that I had to do in order for the style to adapt to my hair, because everyone's hair is different even if it is the same texture. The first day was kind of just a wild and free kind of look. The second and third was just, for lack of a better phrase "a hot ass mess." The fourth day still wasn't what I desired but still cute. And finally the fifth day (today) I'm pretty much there. Either I make the braids too big or too small; I can't seem to get the sizing right. Tonight I plan on trying twisting rather than braiding. Its all in experimenting and eventually I will get the desired affect. I cannot wait until I achieve exactly what I want and I will certainly post about it as soon as I do.

Day 1 and Day 5. Tank Dress: F21, Denim Jacket: WetSeal, Infinity Scarf: H&M

I should have a collective haul coming up, because I have been shopping my booty off these past few days. So look for that in the next few days!
Take care Divas!