Thursday, March 29, 2012

Curves and FOTD

For YEARS since I can remember people would always point out how skinny I was and it never seemed like a compliment. Six years ago, the day I met one of my best friends, she thought I was a starving African exchange student who didn't speak any English. Don't get my wrong though, I did like being skinny, but I would get teased for having an eating disorder. Which of course wasn't true, because I could literally eat a horse if I really tried. When I started high school, I got it really bad because you know how brutal high school can be. The "I could break you" "If the wind blows will you fly away?" jokes were just ridiculous, because I wasn't THAT little. My sophomore year I started to get into sports (Dance and Track) and pretty much after that my weight fluctuated all throughout the rest of my high school career. Either I was toned and muscular or stick thin. When I exercise, I tend to gain weight but lose inches. But then... I swear the second I turned 18, I started to get thick in new places. I grew a butt, got some boobs, and even got a little pooch. The pooch had to go, so I danced it away (in the club) EVERY weekend for about two months and I also took up some belly dancing on my own time.
My first night to the club!
Now the funny thing is that, I've always admired curvy women. Especially the 1950's Pin Up women. I'm still trying to figure out how being super skinny is considered sexy. It seems like people start to lose weight and get TOO skinny and don't realize that being able to see ribs isn't that attractive. I've asked many of my guy friends if they like curvy girls or skinny girls. They usually answer "Well if they have a big butt then I'm good." Typically a skinny girl isn't going to have a huge butt, I would know from experience!
March 2010

The minute I began to gain some weight, I really liked what I saw. I started to get more attention with my "curves". But not only that, I'm so much happier with curves than I was when I was considered "tiny." I'm not saying that skinny is ugly not at all, but before you think "I have to be skinny, just like her." Try to think "I have to be healthy and fit." Ever notice that exercise instructors are never stick thin? They usually have lots of curves and a nice booty. They're healthy and eat. 
March 2012
 I'm not exactly sure why I started to gain weight, but I'm going to say its due to hormones? I don't really have a diet, except that I eliminated any unnatural sugars out of my food intake. I didn't do that on purpose really, candy is just unappealing to me at times. I still belly dance, go out and club and recently, Brazilian butt lifts!

March 2012

I really have to say, I like me better with more curves. I like to call them Skinny Curves. I know it may not be a big difference to some, but to me its pretty drastic. Especially since I can't fit any of my shorts from last summer. In no way shape or form does it ever cross my mind that I'm fat nor will it ever (unless I do become big.)
I think the reason that I think curves resemble beauty more so than being thin is because its different to me. A woman with hips, butt, and breast resembles a woman to me if that makes sense. Women who are stick thin and in their 40's, I feel are trying to be teenagers again. And usually they look older and worn out from trying to be and stay skinny. The fact of the matter is that you should love your body no matter what size you are, as long as you're healthy. If you can't love yourself, then how do you expect someone else to?
Face: MUFE HD Foundation, Mac Select Cover Up NW45 Concealer

Lid: I got Sunburned Palette, Crease: Coffee Bean, Brow bone& Lower Lashline: NYX Palette

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small Haul and Eyes of the Day

I recently purchased the NYX Palette of I'm Dreaming of St. Lucia. I got it off of HauteLook and it took about two weeks to arrive. It also came with a bright blue eyeliner and a roll on shimmer. The colors are lime green, light blue, yellow, pink, and orange. The colors are fairly pigmented aside from the yellow but that was expected.

I didn't swatch the colors, but I'll have some looks with these colors now that it is officially Spring. Or at least I thought it was Spring. Today was freezing, it was about 35 degrees all day. This place has the most random weather; glad I didn't pack up my winter clothes just yet. 
I did do a look today, combining this palette and my Too Faced Matte Eye palette. I also stole some of my mom brushes in order to blend correctly. 

Clearly I used the blue inside the palette on my lid and Coffee Bean (a dark brown) on my crease. Since I'm out of my favorite Buxom eyeliner, I settled for the Tarte liner which works pretty much the same. I'm not sure why my face has so many small bumps, but don't pay attention to that. I also applied some of the blue to my lower lash line. That is something I never do, because I always feel like I look like I got punched in the eye or a clown. With bright colors it actually works, thankfully. The mascara I used is Tarte Mascara and Lashgasm. I still haven't figured out which one I like the best, so why not use both? 

Later in the day, I headed over to Rite-Aid and I was looking for a gold eyeshadow because I realized that I don't have a (good) gold eyeshadow! So I ran across the Wet n Wild palette I'm Getting Sunburned. 

The colors are labeled Brow bone, crease, and eyelid. I'm sure I'll use them quite differently though, because I'm not sure how I feel about a pink brow bone. The palette was only $2.99, so very budget friendly. I then googled the product and apparently the colors are very pigmented....
And I must agree! These are shimmery too, but I think I like these shimmers. The gold is hard to see on my skin color, but with some primer it will definitely POP on my eyes and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. :) 
Also I've been working on the a Nail Polish challenge. Its taking me quite awhile because I also want to show different designs and not just my favorite nail polish. So that will be a blog post in a few days. Until next time :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lace Anybody?

This morning I woke up and was pretty disappointed. I looked out the window and it was so foggy. And you now what that means, fog equal frizzy and/or poofy hair. It was also very gloomy and overcast today and like stated before I get made up according to weather. A nice gray and dark blue eyeshadow with an exaggerated cat eye fit the day. 
I have been behind on my laundry so I settled for some leggings and button down boyfriend shirt. Normally I look really boyish in a button down, so I thought why not make this more feminine with a little LACE?
Hollister Button Down, DKNY Leggings, Ugg Boots.
You can actually see the brown in my hair a little in this picture. If there was a little more sun it might have shown better. It was more humid than I thought it would be so I had no choice but a ponytail. Since my hair is finally growing, a side ponytail suited this look. The humidity made it even more poofy later in the day.

Funny story. I went with my mom to the local coffee shop. This older lady walked in and she kept staring at me and I couldn't figure out why. Then her friend joined her and said something to her. Her friend also began to stare at me while they were waiting for their coffee. I still couldn't figure out why! Then as they got their coffee and walked out the door, one said "I wouldn't let my daughter dress that revealing." I looked down and yes I had a little cleavage showing at the moment, the funny part to me is that I don't really have THAT much cleavage to show. And the really funny part is that I'm pretty much fully covered. Its not like I went to the coffee shop with hot pants and a tank crop top on at 8 'o clock in the morning, but now I think I will :). I'll show you revealing!
It sure didn't feel like Spring, but it sure does look like it. The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom and my allergies are RAGING. That still doesn't stop me from trying to look my best, even on a bad hair day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Going Lighter

Today I decided to go lighter on my hair color. I was going to wait another week, but I'm just oh so impatient. Two days ago, I did a test strand and it came out maybe a light medium brown. Even though the box is really light brown, I knew it wasn't going to come out that light.
People always say its so bad to use a box dye and that you should get it done professionally. I have to disagree, because it would have most likely came out the same just more expensive. I mean they're pretty much using the same chemicals in your hair, unless of course a salon has some magic hair dye that doesn't use harsh chemicals at all..? Yeah fat chance!
STORY TIME. I was having a conversation with a friend one day about bleaching hair. She went to a salon and got just the undersides of her hair done. While I bleached streaks all around my head AND the front part of my hair (and dyed it pink.) She kept going on and on about how bad it was that I did it at home and how I should get it professionally done before my hair starts to get damaged. I just nodded and continued to do my own hair. Turns out she had to cut the majority of her undersides off, because when she went to the salon again to get it redone. They used a lower developer and her hair turned orange. So they took a higher developer and tried to redo it, but her hair was pretty much fried. Um I'll take my chances on damaging my own hair than having my hair "professionally" damaged. 

This isn't really a good before picture but this was the medium brown hair color on my hair. Its only lighter where I bleached previously. I still felt that this was too dark, especially for the summer. Anyway, I really only buy this dye because of the conditioner that comes with it. Its probably the best conditioner EVER made. After I use the dye, I keep the conditioner longer than it instructs me to. I usually keep conditioner on longer than I should because, since I'm naturally curly my hair tends to dry out faster than straight hair would.

The dye is on in this picture and you can pretty much tell that the roots soaked up all the dye. I figured that would happen because, that always happens when coloring hair.
 What really sucks is that my hair curls up when I'm dyeing it, so I never know what the actual color is until I straighten it. Oh what a process! You can't really tell in the picture, but it did get pretty light, especially in the root area. It sort of makes a cool ombre effect, from light to dark. I have to say, I'm really liking it. Its perfect I have to take a picture of it in direct sunlight for sure!

Final Result!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Typical Saturday

On Saturdays I usually spend the day shopping, whether it is with my mom or with some friends. This Saturday (yesterday) I went shopping with my mom. Lately, I've been only been buying makeup and I still continued to do so. The first stop was the Too Faced counter in the MCX on the Marine Base. This lady was determined to help me, but she didn't seem to know a thing about makeup and was forcing me to buy this shimmery eyeshadow that was just way TOO much. Well I've actually been trying to deviate from any glitters, shimmers, or anything too glossy on my eyes for that matter. I originally went to the Too Faced counter to see their Matte Eye Palette in person. Once I convinced the lady that I do not like shimmers too much, I got to check out the palette.

What surprised me the most was how pigmented these matte colors were. Normally a matte comes out pretty faded, especially if the majority of the colors are shimmery. The only reason I'm trying to avoid glitter is because, I don't think it makes a good daytime look (on me.) Whenever there is a shimmer, the eyes pop, while you have to tone down the rest of your face including the lips. With matte colors, your cheeks and/or lips can pop. Although I love my Urban Decay Book of Shadows, I think I can do more looks with the Too Faced Matte Eye Palette for the daytime.

The next stop for the day was Forever21. I used to really despise that store in high school....but that is a story for another time. 
Anyway, I am in LOVE with crop tops for some reason. I just love the freedom mainly. Before I used to be super self conscious about showing even the tiniest of my midriff...well that's actually a blog post for another time. I saw this top and I just had to get it. It stops right above my belly button. I guess I could pair this with some high waisted shorts, which I do not own. That means I have another shopping trip to attend to. :) Also I went crazy on the underwear section, it was 5 for $10. So I got 10 pairs of undies. They're all extremely cute, just take my word for it. ;) Then I saw what I've been looking for. Its been almost 3 weeks since I've seen the pair of shorts that I NEEDED to have. Every time I would try and purchase them online....sold out. :( Yesterday I finally got them and was SO happy.
These are the Tiered Lace Shorts that I have been searching for. If they don't sell out again I'm going to get the peach ones also. These were $19.50 and they're really good quality (for Forever21). And not only are they just gorgeous, they're COMFORTABLE.

What they look like on.
My goal in life is to be comfortable while looking cute.  I'm not sure what to wear with these just yet, but I'm thinking a white loose racerback tank top or a tight fitting racerback tank. I will have many Outfit of the Days with these babies!

The last stop of the day was Micheals. I purchased these containers and some crystal fillers to make makeup brush holders. I was going to get glass vases but, I liked these more. I got two of them; one for my eye brushes and the other for my face brushes. Its a small collection for now, but one day its going to be a full container of brushes. :)


Friday, March 16, 2012

Feels like July

So yesterday it got to be about 80 MARCH. Mind you I don't live in a tropical rainforest nor in southern California (anymore) so it just wasn't normal at all. I honestly didn't think it would get that hot because the weatherman always predicts wrong; saying there will be 8 inches of snow and we only get something they call "snow showers" and mid 50 degree weather. But lo and behold it reached 80 and it was HOT!
So, in my last post I did say I was going thiftting, which I did. I didn't get lucky and find anything that seemed to fit my style or had potential to. Although, I did score two silk scarves.
 Aren't these just gorgeous? The red, white, and black one is pure silk and the gold, black, silver, and red one is crepe de chine silk. I guess I could wear these as head scarves; I don't know I'll find some way to rock these beauts.

So it turned out that the mall was right around the corner from the thrift store.... I know, I know it was supposed to be thrifting experience, but who can pass up the mall on such a beautiful day? The first stop was Victoria Secret Pink and I have heard nothing but good things about their body mists. Only I didn't get the scent that EVERYBODY seemed to get in the little bottle, but the PINK Fresh Vanilla's in the Pretty Cool scent (don't mind the lashes.) They were also 50% off and ended up only costing $9 so maybe I was thrifting? It smells so good and its not overpowering. I put some on today and it surprisingly lasted the majority of the day.
Those eyelashes I told you not to mind, well I bought those too at the MAC counter in Nordstrom. They were way more than I was expecting so, definitely going to be used for a special occasion.  I'm not even an expert at putting lashes on, so this was more of an impulse buy. Oh well, I WILL use them though.

I have so many projects that I want to do; makeup, hair, fashion, and  decorating. My next project will probably be makeup brush holders, because right now they are in my drawer just sitting in there and I'm pretty sure that isn't a very sanitary place considering I put EVERYTHING else in there. Also, either next week or the week after that, I'm going to go an even lighter brown on my hair. Not too light though, just a bronze color. It still looks so dark now even in the direct sunlight. That will change soon, because I went pretty light this time. I bought the L'oreal Feria Hi-Lift Brown in Cool Brown Hopefully its not too drastic. Wish me luck.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beautiful Blue Skies

It was such a beautiful day today, compared to the bi-polar winter we had here. There was not a cloud in the sky. So not only did I dress for the part, but I also made my face up for the part.
These colors aren't very pigmented, but I thought it actually looked nice.
To match the makeup I wore some jeans and a horizontal striped scoop neck from Hollister.
I used my Shany 40 color palette.

You can definitely see the silver in this picture along with my infamous curly hair.
I actually just got done dyeing my hair brown to make it all one color. This winter I went crazy with bleach and unnatural semi permanent dye. I think pink looked the best on me. Since its spring and soon to be summer, I'm gradually going to a lighter brown and maybe even auburn color.
Atomic Pink and Pink Flamingo
Oh the crazy looks I would get with those streaks. It ended up being tons of upkeep and I just never rebleached my roots and dyed them pink again. So I had all dark brown roots and then random pink peaking out all over my head. So I went for the light-er brown to get it all even. I'm definitely looking forward to dyeing my hair more natural colors actually, besides blonde. Still not THAT bold yet.

In other news, yesterday my Sigma Foundation brush came in the mail. I was so excited. Since I decided nay for college, I must do something in my spare time like dabbling with makeup. Maybe become a famous makeup artist in Hollywood. Getting kind of ahead of myself there huh? Anyhow, I've been doing a tons of research on brushes and Sigma seems to get a lot of noise and since foundation is a must, I purchased a foundation brush =).
F60 Foundation Brush
Well since things are up to date, I might add that tomorrow I'm going Thrift Store Shopping. I can't wait, I've been trying to go for awhile. I will be sure to make a blog post about my infatuation with THRIFTING! Until next time!

Monday, March 12, 2012

First Post

Hey there Divas, this is my first post on Blogger! This is where I will be posting my Outfits of the Day and my Makeup Creations. I do have a personal blog on Wordpress, but I found that there were more Beauty Guru's and Fashionistas on Blogger. I cannot wait to do more blog posts on here.
So I thought my first blog would be a review on a Makeup Palette I bought recently.
I ordered the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV on the Urban Decay website, they were having a sale and I thought "hey why not?" It finally came in the mail yesterday and I was and still am excited!
It was WAY bigger than I expected it to be. It comes with liquid eyeliner, mascara, primer, USB cord, speaker and a card to scan the looks, where you can watch the videos on your phone. I wasn't really impressed with the looks that came with it, because they used pretty much the same colors in all 5 looks. I will definitely be using this palette quite a lot and I cannot wait! Stay tuned, until next time Divas.

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