Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Typical Saturday

On Saturdays I usually spend the day shopping, whether it is with my mom or with some friends. This Saturday (yesterday) I went shopping with my mom. Lately, I've been only been buying makeup and I still continued to do so. The first stop was the Too Faced counter in the MCX on the Marine Base. This lady was determined to help me, but she didn't seem to know a thing about makeup and was forcing me to buy this shimmery eyeshadow that was just way TOO much. Well I've actually been trying to deviate from any glitters, shimmers, or anything too glossy on my eyes for that matter. I originally went to the Too Faced counter to see their Matte Eye Palette in person. Once I convinced the lady that I do not like shimmers too much, I got to check out the palette.

What surprised me the most was how pigmented these matte colors were. Normally a matte comes out pretty faded, especially if the majority of the colors are shimmery. The only reason I'm trying to avoid glitter is because, I don't think it makes a good daytime look (on me.) Whenever there is a shimmer, the eyes pop, while you have to tone down the rest of your face including the lips. With matte colors, your cheeks and/or lips can pop. Although I love my Urban Decay Book of Shadows, I think I can do more looks with the Too Faced Matte Eye Palette for the daytime.

The next stop for the day was Forever21. I used to really despise that store in high school....but that is a story for another time. 
Anyway, I am in LOVE with crop tops for some reason. I just love the freedom mainly. Before I used to be super self conscious about showing even the tiniest of my midriff...well that's actually a blog post for another time. I saw this top and I just had to get it. It stops right above my belly button. I guess I could pair this with some high waisted shorts, which I do not own. That means I have another shopping trip to attend to. :) Also I went crazy on the underwear section, it was 5 for $10. So I got 10 pairs of undies. They're all extremely cute, just take my word for it. ;) Then I saw what I've been looking for. Its been almost 3 weeks since I've seen the pair of shorts that I NEEDED to have. Every time I would try and purchase them online....sold out. :( Yesterday I finally got them and was SO happy.
These are the Tiered Lace Shorts that I have been searching for. If they don't sell out again I'm going to get the peach ones also. These were $19.50 and they're really good quality (for Forever21). And not only are they just gorgeous, they're COMFORTABLE.

What they look like on.
My goal in life is to be comfortable while looking cute.  I'm not sure what to wear with these just yet, but I'm thinking a white loose racerback tank top or a tight fitting racerback tank. I will have many Outfit of the Days with these babies!

The last stop of the day was Micheals. I purchased these containers and some crystal fillers to make makeup brush holders. I was going to get glass vases but, I liked these more. I got two of them; one for my eye brushes and the other for my face brushes. Its a small collection for now, but one day its going to be a full container of brushes. :)



  1. I LOVE those shorts! I have almost similar ones, but mine are from Ebay and pink ;D I`m soooo in love with lace right now!!

    I also gave you a nail polish challenge :) If you`re interested doing it, you can find it in my blog:

    1. I love lace also, its very flattering and feminine!!

      Oh and yes I'm interested, thanks :)!