Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beautiful Blue Skies

It was such a beautiful day today, compared to the bi-polar winter we had here. There was not a cloud in the sky. So not only did I dress for the part, but I also made my face up for the part.
These colors aren't very pigmented, but I thought it actually looked nice.
To match the makeup I wore some jeans and a horizontal striped scoop neck from Hollister.
I used my Shany 40 color palette.

You can definitely see the silver in this picture along with my infamous curly hair.
I actually just got done dyeing my hair brown to make it all one color. This winter I went crazy with bleach and unnatural semi permanent dye. I think pink looked the best on me. Since its spring and soon to be summer, I'm gradually going to a lighter brown and maybe even auburn color.
Atomic Pink and Pink Flamingo
Oh the crazy looks I would get with those streaks. It ended up being tons of upkeep and I just never rebleached my roots and dyed them pink again. So I had all dark brown roots and then random pink peaking out all over my head. So I went for the light-er brown to get it all even. I'm definitely looking forward to dyeing my hair more natural colors actually, besides blonde. Still not THAT bold yet.

In other news, yesterday my Sigma Foundation brush came in the mail. I was so excited. Since I decided nay for college, I must do something in my spare time like dabbling with makeup. Maybe become a famous makeup artist in Hollywood. Getting kind of ahead of myself there huh? Anyhow, I've been doing a tons of research on brushes and Sigma seems to get a lot of noise and since foundation is a must, I purchased a foundation brush =).
F60 Foundation Brush
Well since things are up to date, I might add that tomorrow I'm going Thrift Store Shopping. I can't wait, I've been trying to go for awhile. I will be sure to make a blog post about my infatuation with THRIFTING! Until next time!

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