Monday, March 12, 2012

First Post

Hey there Divas, this is my first post on Blogger! This is where I will be posting my Outfits of the Day and my Makeup Creations. I do have a personal blog on Wordpress, but I found that there were more Beauty Guru's and Fashionistas on Blogger. I cannot wait to do more blog posts on here.
So I thought my first blog would be a review on a Makeup Palette I bought recently.
I ordered the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV on the Urban Decay website, they were having a sale and I thought "hey why not?" It finally came in the mail yesterday and I was and still am excited!
It was WAY bigger than I expected it to be. It comes with liquid eyeliner, mascara, primer, USB cord, speaker and a card to scan the looks, where you can watch the videos on your phone. I wasn't really impressed with the looks that came with it, because they used pretty much the same colors in all 5 looks. I will definitely be using this palette quite a lot and I cannot wait! Stay tuned, until next time Divas.

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