Friday, March 16, 2012

Feels like July

So yesterday it got to be about 80 MARCH. Mind you I don't live in a tropical rainforest nor in southern California (anymore) so it just wasn't normal at all. I honestly didn't think it would get that hot because the weatherman always predicts wrong; saying there will be 8 inches of snow and we only get something they call "snow showers" and mid 50 degree weather. But lo and behold it reached 80 and it was HOT!
So, in my last post I did say I was going thiftting, which I did. I didn't get lucky and find anything that seemed to fit my style or had potential to. Although, I did score two silk scarves.
 Aren't these just gorgeous? The red, white, and black one is pure silk and the gold, black, silver, and red one is crepe de chine silk. I guess I could wear these as head scarves; I don't know I'll find some way to rock these beauts.

So it turned out that the mall was right around the corner from the thrift store.... I know, I know it was supposed to be thrifting experience, but who can pass up the mall on such a beautiful day? The first stop was Victoria Secret Pink and I have heard nothing but good things about their body mists. Only I didn't get the scent that EVERYBODY seemed to get in the little bottle, but the PINK Fresh Vanilla's in the Pretty Cool scent (don't mind the lashes.) They were also 50% off and ended up only costing $9 so maybe I was thrifting? It smells so good and its not overpowering. I put some on today and it surprisingly lasted the majority of the day.
Those eyelashes I told you not to mind, well I bought those too at the MAC counter in Nordstrom. They were way more than I was expecting so, definitely going to be used for a special occasion.  I'm not even an expert at putting lashes on, so this was more of an impulse buy. Oh well, I WILL use them though.

I have so many projects that I want to do; makeup, hair, fashion, and  decorating. My next project will probably be makeup brush holders, because right now they are in my drawer just sitting in there and I'm pretty sure that isn't a very sanitary place considering I put EVERYTHING else in there. Also, either next week or the week after that, I'm going to go an even lighter brown on my hair. Not too light though, just a bronze color. It still looks so dark now even in the direct sunlight. That will change soon, because I went pretty light this time. I bought the L'oreal Feria Hi-Lift Brown in Cool Brown Hopefully its not too drastic. Wish me luck.

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