Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lace Anybody?

This morning I woke up and was pretty disappointed. I looked out the window and it was so foggy. And you now what that means, fog equal frizzy and/or poofy hair. It was also very gloomy and overcast today and like stated before I get made up according to weather. A nice gray and dark blue eyeshadow with an exaggerated cat eye fit the day. 
I have been behind on my laundry so I settled for some leggings and button down boyfriend shirt. Normally I look really boyish in a button down, so I thought why not make this more feminine with a little LACE?
Hollister Button Down, DKNY Leggings, Ugg Boots.
You can actually see the brown in my hair a little in this picture. If there was a little more sun it might have shown better. It was more humid than I thought it would be so I had no choice but a ponytail. Since my hair is finally growing, a side ponytail suited this look. The humidity made it even more poofy later in the day.

Funny story. I went with my mom to the local coffee shop. This older lady walked in and she kept staring at me and I couldn't figure out why. Then her friend joined her and said something to her. Her friend also began to stare at me while they were waiting for their coffee. I still couldn't figure out why! Then as they got their coffee and walked out the door, one said "I wouldn't let my daughter dress that revealing." I looked down and yes I had a little cleavage showing at the moment, the funny part to me is that I don't really have THAT much cleavage to show. And the really funny part is that I'm pretty much fully covered. Its not like I went to the coffee shop with hot pants and a tank crop top on at 8 'o clock in the morning, but now I think I will :). I'll show you revealing!
It sure didn't feel like Spring, but it sure does look like it. The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom and my allergies are RAGING. That still doesn't stop me from trying to look my best, even on a bad hair day!


  1. Unfortunately, you can't please everyone, but your outfit looked cute!