Thursday, March 29, 2012

Curves and FOTD

For YEARS since I can remember people would always point out how skinny I was and it never seemed like a compliment. Six years ago, the day I met one of my best friends, she thought I was a starving African exchange student who didn't speak any English. Don't get my wrong though, I did like being skinny, but I would get teased for having an eating disorder. Which of course wasn't true, because I could literally eat a horse if I really tried. When I started high school, I got it really bad because you know how brutal high school can be. The "I could break you" "If the wind blows will you fly away?" jokes were just ridiculous, because I wasn't THAT little. My sophomore year I started to get into sports (Dance and Track) and pretty much after that my weight fluctuated all throughout the rest of my high school career. Either I was toned and muscular or stick thin. When I exercise, I tend to gain weight but lose inches. But then... I swear the second I turned 18, I started to get thick in new places. I grew a butt, got some boobs, and even got a little pooch. The pooch had to go, so I danced it away (in the club) EVERY weekend for about two months and I also took up some belly dancing on my own time.
My first night to the club!
Now the funny thing is that, I've always admired curvy women. Especially the 1950's Pin Up women. I'm still trying to figure out how being super skinny is considered sexy. It seems like people start to lose weight and get TOO skinny and don't realize that being able to see ribs isn't that attractive. I've asked many of my guy friends if they like curvy girls or skinny girls. They usually answer "Well if they have a big butt then I'm good." Typically a skinny girl isn't going to have a huge butt, I would know from experience!
March 2010

The minute I began to gain some weight, I really liked what I saw. I started to get more attention with my "curves". But not only that, I'm so much happier with curves than I was when I was considered "tiny." I'm not saying that skinny is ugly not at all, but before you think "I have to be skinny, just like her." Try to think "I have to be healthy and fit." Ever notice that exercise instructors are never stick thin? They usually have lots of curves and a nice booty. They're healthy and eat. 
March 2012
 I'm not exactly sure why I started to gain weight, but I'm going to say its due to hormones? I don't really have a diet, except that I eliminated any unnatural sugars out of my food intake. I didn't do that on purpose really, candy is just unappealing to me at times. I still belly dance, go out and club and recently, Brazilian butt lifts!

March 2012

I really have to say, I like me better with more curves. I like to call them Skinny Curves. I know it may not be a big difference to some, but to me its pretty drastic. Especially since I can't fit any of my shorts from last summer. In no way shape or form does it ever cross my mind that I'm fat nor will it ever (unless I do become big.)
I think the reason that I think curves resemble beauty more so than being thin is because its different to me. A woman with hips, butt, and breast resembles a woman to me if that makes sense. Women who are stick thin and in their 40's, I feel are trying to be teenagers again. And usually they look older and worn out from trying to be and stay skinny. The fact of the matter is that you should love your body no matter what size you are, as long as you're healthy. If you can't love yourself, then how do you expect someone else to?
Face: MUFE HD Foundation, Mac Select Cover Up NW45 Concealer

Lid: I got Sunburned Palette, Crease: Coffee Bean, Brow bone& Lower Lashline: NYX Palette

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