Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nail Polish Challenge Pt 1 and Party Outfit

So I thought since its the start of a new month, I would do the nail polish challenge in two parts. Mainly because I don't have very many followers and I'm still debating which my favorite nail polishes are. I did pick five so far and those are just the main ones I wear. I'm not going to show what they look like on until I'm done with the challenge.
In order from left to right
1. O P I Fly: I am SO in love with this color. Its so bright and just pretty! Its the Nicki Minaj line which pretty much explains the brightness of it. I looked for this color for months but it was ALWAYS sold out EVERYWHERE. Then I finally went to Ulta and there were about three left! I do want to try her other colors one day.
2. Butter HRH: I like this color because well purple is my favorite color and its the best purple that I have used and is very long lasting. Usually purples comes out black looking or too light and this is perfect for me.
3. Essie Lilacism: Pastels are in this Spring, so I had to go and get me a nice lavender nail polish. The other pastels weren't really me so I stuck to what I knew. I mainly use this one for my toes.
4. Sally Hansen Celeb City: You'll see me rocking this color during a special occasion or during winter time. It last about a good two weeks on your nails with minimal chipping. I had this on my toes for a month in half without any problems.
5. Sinful Colors Rise and Shine: I bought this maybe a month before I bought the OPI Fly. Its pretty much a dupe of it, except that its a little bit greener and its not as bright. Sinful Colors is priced at one dollar so you can't expect it to be super long lasting. They do have many dupes of the more expensive brands.
Part Two Coming Soon

This weekend was a wild one. I sort of went to a party at the last minute. When I say last minute, I mean I didn't even get to do my makeup the right way or even wear the appropriate outfit. At a house party I expected leggings and a nice cute shirt, but no all the girls were dressed up like they were going to a dinner party or to the club. I think I was the most casual person in there. I was in my favorite jeans, a cute shirt (at least) and my Ugg Boots.
What I would have worn. Dress: Arden B, Necklace: Bday Present
 To my advantage, I was the most comfortable in there. It seemed like ever girl was sitting down complaining about their aching feet. I know to NEVER wear stiletto heels to a house party or any kind of heels for that matter. I also think I had the most fun. I met new people and danced my booty off. I have to say I really love meeting (friendly) new people every now and then; its refreshing.
Speaking of new people, I need some more followers!

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