Friday, April 6, 2012

Coastal Scents Mini Haul

On Sunday night, I was watching makeup videos on YouTube and I came across a makeup artist named Leina that uses the cosmetics Coastal Scents. They sell tons of their products for a nice affordable price. Apparently they make their prices affordable, because its for aspiring makeup artist and those who are on a budget (that's me.) The main thing that I was looking for was eyeshadow and they have lots of it. I also went on to read many reviews and there is nothing but good things said about it, so of course I had to see for myself. I wanted to start small and sort of "sample," so I went on ahead and got an empty four piece eyeshadow palette. I customized and got four bright eyeshadows also called Hot Pots. Tuesday evening, my order was in my mailbox. That's the fastest anything has ever shipped for me!

So that's the palette above, pretty colors huh? My camera washed out the actual colors sadly. I got too excited to wait until there was sun in my room, so I used flash. 
The colors from top to bottom:
1. Indigo HP-CM09
2. Neon Bright Pink HP-CM06
3. Vibrant Blue Green HP-131
4. Deep Grape HP-CM07

As you can see all of the colors are matte, because I think the shimmer takes away from the brightness of the color, but that's just my own personal opinion. And also because on my skin tone bright shimmers are over the top and again that is just my own opinion. If you haven't noticed these are basically the same colors from my NYX I Dream of St Lucia Palette. I wasn't happy at all with that purchase at all. You literally have to pack on the color in order for it to be vibrant and there was only one matte color in that palette also.
My favorite is the blue green and the deep grape. I can't wait to see what looks I can come up with.
Since I was so happy with my purchase, I ordered a 12 piece palette and customized it with more neutral colors. I can't wait for that to get here. I have a big-ish haul coming up maybe next week so that should be fun!