Monday, April 23, 2012

Hair Update + FOTD

I haven't talked about hair in a month, so why not a little update on my hair. I dyed it last month a medium light brown. About a week after the dye job, I clipped about two inches off because my ends were a bit damaged. My roots have started growing out about half an inch and they are kind of a pain, but I'm going to deal with it because I really am trying to grow out my hair. Right now its a little past shoulder length and my goal is bra strap length. Its going to take awhile, but that's okay. 
Also two days ago, I noticed that my edges were a bit on the damaged side. My mom suggested that I cut straight or blunt bangs so that my edges weren't exposed. 
I have always been reluctant on cutting my bangs like this, just because of what people have always said. Sometimes you shouldn't listen to people's opinions, because I should have done this a LONG time ago. I really like the way that it shapes my face and brings more attention to my eyes. When my edges aren't showing, my hair looks 10x healthier too! 
Shirt from Forever 21

 Sorry for the infamous bathroom pictures, but today was extremely gloomy and rainy; this was the best lighting. I have no eye makeup on in these either, which is something I rarely go without. I felt like I needed a change from my regular hair style. I mean just a little change such as clipping my bangs has given me the biggest boost of confidence.

Now on to Face of the Day. 
So this was actually my FOTD on Friday, but I still wanted to post it anyway. Friday was a really sunny day and I wanted to make my eyes pop but look natural at the same time. So my lid is just a dark matte brown from my Matte Eye Palette and my crease is a vibrant plum from my Coastal Scents Palette. My lower lash line is UD 24/7 Pencil Liner in Ransom and my water line is UD Pencil in Perversion. My lash line is topped up with Almay Liquid Liner in Black and my lashes are curled with Lashgasm from Too Faced. 

So that's all, I really don't have any news coming up, but if and when I do I will be sure to post it!

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