Thursday, April 19, 2012

Clothing Haul

So I finally got around to doing the haul that I promised about three posts ago. I had a little extra time on my hands and the weather was fairly decent to take pictures in my horribly lit room. What I really need is either a full length mirror or a legit photographer that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Anyways, now on to the haul.
I purchased this shirt from Papaya and I think it is extremely cute! I really love the back, because it actually opens sort of like a flap. It was kind of unexpected when I tried it on, but its actually pretty cool.
Next is this polka dot crop top from Forever 21 that I couldn't resist ordering. At first, I thought it was just a really cute sports bra or camisole like top, but it has no support whatsoever. You actually wear it with a bra and it completely covers it, so that's good. This is the type of top I would wear going out with maybe a vest, flannel or even a denim jacket to dress down the polka dots.
Well FaceTime doesn't take very good quality pictures, but as you can see this is a sheer top. It is also purchased from Forever 21. I'm actually kind of stumped on what to wear with this top, although I know I wouldn't wear this bandeau with it. I'm honestly not sure what I should wear with this, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.
I guess I found something to go with the sheer top, which is a possibility. Anyhow, this is my first pair of white pants ever! I've just never been one to wear white pants for some reason. These are from Papaya also.
These are just some colorful lace bandeaus. Pretty self explanatory. It gets extremely hot where I live and bras aren't exactly that breathable. When it gets hot, out comes the big arm holes and the thin fabric. What do you think of bandeau fashion?
Last but not least, some nautical inspired high waisted shorts. I really couldn't resist this Forever 21 purchase. I was kind of disappointed, because they didn't fit around my waist, which is a problem I typically run into with high waisted anything. Since the fabric is somewhat stretchy, I just threw it in the wash and shrunk them a bit. Now they fit perfectly. :) The only thing is, a button fell off in the washer; good thing I know how to sew. So that is my haul that I've promised weeks ago.
In other news my Sigma blush brush came in the mail today and just like I thought, it applies foundation flawlessly!

I think the reason I don't have as many followers as I would like is because, I haven't promoted myself just yet and I write A LOT! I've realized that the way some bloggers blog, they post one picture and a little blurb about their day and that's all. I don't really believe that is blogging, but I think I might minimize my posts just a little bit and put more pictures and less words. We'll see how that goes.