Monday, April 30, 2012

Fashion Haul

On Saturday I made a trip to the mall and went on a little spree. I thought I would like to share what I bought there. I stopped by H&M, Garage, and Claire's. I was on a mission, so I power shopped and did it all in under 30 minutes. That's really an accomplishment for me! 

So the first stop was Garage. I'm not sure if Garage is nationwide, but basically its a store where its supposed to be a teenage girl's room in a garage where she is always playing loud music. Its always loud in there, but I love their clothes so I spend no more than 10 minutes in this store. 
The first thing I got were these Khaki shorts. I've been wanting some of these for awhile and I'm glad I got a chance to get some finally! 
 More bandeaus! I feel like you can never have too many of these. 
Did you hear that Aztec prints were in? Well I just love this style. Its a semi sheer top that goes great with one of the bandeau's I got! Pair these with those khaki shorts and you got yourself a nice cute summery outfit. 
The next stop was H&M and this was actually my first time shopping there. I usually shop online and as you know H&M currently doesn't have an online store. But I thought hey why not since I think all their items are cute. 
This is the first thing I got was a body con dress. I actually don't have a body con dress, so I picked this one up. It looks really good on too, thankfully. It has a zipper in the back, one of these days I'll have an OOTN with this dress! 
 The next item was another Aztec print shirt. Again this could be paired with the Khaki shorts. Or even some pink or white shorts. I just love the big arm holes! 
Then the last two from H&M are these black biker shorts and a white shirt with a butterfly on it. I matched these two together because its very 80's. A lot of the things we wear now are definitely 80's inspired actually. This is just so cute and not to mention REALLY comfortable! I wonder if they were this comfortable in the 80's? 
And the last stop was Claire's, one of my favorite accessory stores. 
I got earrings, because I LOVE earrings. The first thing is an ear cuff, which I have NO idea how to wear just yet, but I"ll see what looks good. The next thing is owl earrings. I normally think owls are really creepy looking, but these are just adorable looking. Then I got the set of cartilage and hoop earrings. And that's really it. That's my haul, I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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