Friday, August 24, 2012

Curly Hair Routine + Hair Update

As you all know, I've been wearing my hair curly as opposed to straightening it every time I wash it. Just a little background about my hair: I've been natural for about seven years now and only shampoo when I need to and before I do a semi permanent dye. So maybe 4 to 7 shampoos a year.
For the majority of my high school career I would straighten my hair every two sometimes three weeks. Four years of straightening does some damage on your hair, if you care about that sort of thing. So the right thing to do for me was to just screw so called "beauty" and train my hair back to health. 

My routine:
 1. Co-Wash with Infusium 23 conditioner, Aveda wheat conditioner, or Mane and Tail conditioner.

2. Coat hair in Kinky Kurly Knot Today Leave-in and Olive Oil

3. Detangle and bun hair until 80% dry

4. Lightly mist hair with spray bottle filled with water

5. Apply Cantu Curling Cream and Jamaican Locking Wax to hair

6. Divide hair however you want and braid hair making sure hair is a little over damp.

7. Put sponge rollers on ends of hair if you have heat damage.

8. Sleep and Wait until morning. 

9. Hair may still be damp, but that's okay. Separate sections and style braid out how you want.

And that's what I've been doing for the last few weeks when I don't wear my hair straight. I only straighten for special occasions and I usually bun on the second or third day.
When my hair begins to feel dry, i add castor oil to my scalp and olive oil to actual hair. 
I have to say I am loving my hair curly. I used to despise my curls, well I still don't like my NATURAL curls but manipulation works for me. My hair is starting to retain moisture again as well as length. It's back to its healthy state minus the heat damage. 

Ive also been putting a semi permanent dye over my natural color. Just a jet black color to make it look shiny. My natural color is really plain and boring looking, but with the black I feel like I look much better and brighter. My hair is almost shoulder length with the braid out and past shoulder length when straight. I should have done this much sooner and I feel bad for having neglected my hair. But now my hair has thanked me by growing thicker and longer these past few months. Finally!

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