Monday, August 13, 2012


So again it's been months since I've posted. Its been pretty busy still. I decided to apply for school and I've been fairly busy with the applications and transcripts and so on. I went through the same process as I had to when I applied for college in high school. Usually transfer students have it a little bit easier so I thought. I did get accepted, so I am pretty excited about that. I will be a college student at The Art Institute for Fashion and Retail Management. I'm really excited because they don't focus on general ed classes. I actually get to jump into my major right away, which to me makes a whole lot more sense than traditional colleges.
Other than school, I created a polyvore account to put together outfits; kind of like a stylist would. I don't have many outfits yet but as I log on more and become more committed to it, I will eventually have tons of outfits.
My username on polyvore is skinnycurves, so if you have one too then go follow me please! I also have a Youtube account, I only have a couple of videos because I honestly don't know what to talk about! I have to get used to talking to a camera as if I'm talking to an audience. For now I might just have slideshows of some of the outfits I wear when I do get creative.My YouTube account name is also skinnycurves so feel free to subscribe if you'd like. 
That's really all for now. I'll try to post more often but that is not a promise.
Check out my latest polyvore creation.

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